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€ 5.00 - 250 gr


Cherry honey


The cherry, Prunus avium is a tree spread all over the national territory, but which allows to produce in significant quantities unifloral honey almost only in the areas of great cultivation. The bees attracted by its beautiful white flowers, obtain a delicious and refined honey, given its scarce diffusion. In fact, the unifloral production of this honey is difficult since in the same flowering period, they emit flowers, also many other different species (e.g. dandelion).


Production Period and Zone: April / May - Puglia


Uses: the greedy and tasty aroma makes it delicious even if simply spread on a slice of bread alone. Excellent for preparing cakes and biscuits, nutritious tasted with yogurt and oil seeds, fresh or dried fruit. Try it in combination with blue cheeses (e.g. gorgonzola). Cherry honey can also be used as a cosmetic, in particular as a beauty mask for dull skin, to which it restores brightness and brilliance.


  • Color : the color is quite clear, grayish white once crystallized

    Smell : aroma reminiscent of the flowers from which they derive (and of the Rosaceae in general) and can be approached to that of the bitter almond or the cherry stones.

    Taste : extremely pleasant flavor reminiscent of the taste of cherry, with aftertaste that refers to the taste of bitter almond.