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Le Api di Papà is my beekeeping company, so named in honor of my beautiful children.
I have been a beekeeper since I had to reinvent myself professionally and I decided to do it following what had already started to fascinate me, namely bees. I approached a world that fascinated me, understanding how much it needed to be preserved, for the well-being of all.
Although my company is located in Abruzzo, in the Chieti area, my bees "travel" with me, to the places I choose carefully to practice transhumance beekeeping, or move them to the different territories of Central and Southern Italy, to follow the seasonal climatic trends and therefore the blooms.
I therefore offer my bees a guarantee of well-being, always trying to provide them with the right nourishment and the best shelters for their care, and I receive their precious honey in this wonderful balance between man and nature!
I constantly choose to respect and take care of the environment by giving my contribution. In fact, I have decided in my company to use energy derived exclusively from renewable sources, that is, which do not affect or in any way affect the natural resources available to man.
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