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For purity and color, the wax coming from the processing of the caps is certainly the purest. This is in fact suitable for making excellent products for cosmetics (creams, lip balms, ...) and also very fragrant candles!


The weight of the stick of pure beeswax is 100 g and the PACKAGING is FULLY USABLE!


Our attention to the environment is constant; our work testifies to this, the choice to use only energy derived from renewable sources for our laboratory and the choice of packaging for our products.


In particular, for the "Beeswax" we have chosen to wrap it in cotton fabric, tied with natural cotton or hemp cord. The product is also accompanied by a label as a booklet, which contains all the instructions for making products with wax and helping to protect the environment around us!


Original and ecological gift idea for lovers of quality self-production!


SKU: CE100
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