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Torchiato citrus honey


It is a honey extracted by pressing the honeycombs with the pressing method.

The classic method of honey extraction involves centrifugation; it is in fact by means of the centrifuge that the honey is usually extracted from the honeycombs. Just to get this honey, Torchiato, we use another one instead

extraction method ... pressing!

Therefore, the very pure operculum wax and the honeycomb portions are placed in a special stainless steel press and pressed for a long time until the total release of honey.

Then we collect the honey manually and without filtering it we let it pour into a special stainless steel maturator where, according to its natural times, it will spontaneously release the excess wax pushing it to the surface. Only at the end of the slow and natural ripening process can the honey be placed in the jars.

We therefore obtain a honey richer in pollen and wax, in which all the nutritional, organoleptic and beneficial properties of each variety of honey are obviously preserved.

The result is a PRESSED HONEY:



100% RAW




Citrus Honey is among the most famous and appreciated Italian honeys. It is obtained from the nectar collected from the extremely fragrant flowers of the plants of the genus Citrus, such as orange, clementines and mandarins that begin to bloom as early as April.


Period and Production Area: April - Puglia


Use at the table: the sweet taste pleasing to all palates, makes it versatile in use both on savory dishes and in pastry. It is recommended to consume it in combination with fresh cheeses, both as a sweetener for tea and herbal teas.


  • Appearance : very clear in the freshly harvested liquid state, it takes on shades ranging from transparent to straw yellow.

    Color : amber, tends to white or light beige in crystallization

    Odor : characteristic floral scent of the flowers from which it is produced, which fades over time, turning towards more fruity notes.

    Taste : very sweet and intense taste, pleasantly acidic that traces the characteristics of the vegetable variety from which it originates