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€ 1.10 - 45 gr / € 3.16 - 250 gr / € 5.17 - 500 gr


Citrus honey


Citrus Honey is among the most famous and appreciated Italian honeys. It is obtained from the nectar collected from the extremely fragrant flowers of the plants of the genus Citrus, such as orange, clementines and mandarins that begin to bloom already from April.


Production Period and Zone: April - Puglia / Basilicata


Use at the table: the sweet taste pleasing to all palates makes it versatile in use both on savory dishes and in pastry. We recommend the consumption in combination with fresh cheeses, both as a sweetener of tea and herbal teas.


  • Appearance : very clear in the freshly picked liquid state, it takes on shades ranging from transparent to straw yellow.

    Color : amber, tends to white or light beige in crystallization

    Odor : characteristic floral scent of the flowers from which it is produced, which fades over time, veering towards more fruity notes.

    Taste : very sweet and intense taste, pleasantly acidulous which traces the characteristics of the plant variety from which it originates

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