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€ 3.16 - 250 gr / € 5.17 - 500 gr


Coriander Honey

Italy, rich in biodiversity, has the world record for the number of varieties of monofloral honeys and Coriander Honey is among those considered rare.

This special variety is produced by bees through the flowers of this plant, Coriandrum sativum , the same from which the spice widely used in cooking is also obtained. However, the characteristic flavor of the seeds and plant parts should not be confused, as honey, which has important properties known since ancient times, has a very different flavor and is appreciated in confectionery for the preparation of nougats thanks to its pleasant smell.


Period and Production Area: May / June - Abruzzo / Molise


Use at the table: it is an excellent table honey, to be combined also with mature cheeses. Ideal sweetener for tea and infusions, it is often used in the preparation of nougat.


  • Color : gold / amber

    Odor : intense and characteristic

    Taste : aromatic, spicy and tasty

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