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€ 2.00 - 45 gr / € 4.50 - 250 gr / € 7.00 - 500 gr


Sunflower honey


The sunflower, Helianthus annuus is widely cultivated today to be used in the food industry for the production of oil and its seeds. Not all sunflower varieties are equally nectariferous and production has dropped significantly over the years.
It varies a lot depending on the vintage and this makes it a rare and niche honey too.

Production Period and Zone: June / July - Marche

Use at the table: as table honey, but also widely used in confectionery and the food industry.


  • Color : intense yellow

    Smell : light, straw, wax, pollen, freshly cut hay, tomato leaf, tomato preserve, pineapple, passion fruit.

    Taste : neutral, dry, similar to the smell, slightly herbaceous, with a "refreshing" sensation, similar to dark sugar, in the finest, fruity crystallization honeys, of ripe apricots, with a star anise aftertaste.

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