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It is part of the> HONEY IN PURITY Line

Single-flower & Multi-flower honeys, collected in carefully identified sites to produce the best varieties of pure honey!


Honeydew honey


Aphids are insects that attack many different plants both spontaneous and
cultivated and produce an abundant honeydew, collected by bees who make it a very valuable honey.


Period and Production Area : from June to September - hot / humid areas Abruzzo / Lazio


Use at the table : to sweeten or garnish, from drinks to sweets, fruit, ice cream, yogurt, etc.




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  • Color : very dark, almost black.

    Smell : vegetable, cooked vegetable, green tomato jam.

    Taste : decidedly less sweet and cloying than nectar honeys, sometimes slightly salty, malt, cooked vegetables, prunes, yeast.

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