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€ 2.00 - 45 gr / € 4.50 - 250 gr / € 7.00 - 500 gr


Honey from Sulla


Sulla honey is one of our prominent honeys, produced between Abruzzo and Molise in a clean area far from urban and industrial centers

The Sulla, or Erba Sulla (Hedysarum coronarium) is a fodder leguminous plant, as it is rich in proteins and is particularly nutritious for livestock. These characteristics are also conferred on the nectar of the flowers that bees collect frantically giving life to a unique and nutritious honey, highly appreciated by athletes for its properties.

Production Period and Zone: May / June - Abruzzo / Molise

Use at the table: for its delicate taste it is suitable for any use, both in the preparation of desserts, such as nougat, and as a sweetener for herbal teas and drinks, and in combination with some types of cheese (e.g. goat and ricotta). Widely used also for creams and sauces.


  • Color : clear, up to almost white.

    Odor : very light, straw, not very fine.

    Taste : delicate with a pleasant vegetal note.