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Natural Raw Honeycomb Citrus Honey

built entirely by bees (without wax sheets)



Production Period and Zone : April / May - Puglia


Use at the table : To savor its taste and aroma to the maximum, it is recommended to take it as it is, taking it with a spoon. Our wax is edible and is very pleasant to chew. However, it is also excellent in combination, in small pieces, with yogurt, ice cream, not too sweet fruit (e.g. red fruits), aged cheeses or amarotic vegetables (such as rocket or escarole)


The product content, being totally natural, may vary from 330 g to about 380 g



Our attention to the environment is constant; this is testified by our work, the choice to use only energy derived from renewable sources for our laboratory and the choice of packaging for our products.

In particular, for the "Honey in Honeycomb" we chose a 100% eco-sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Raw Honeycomb - Citrus

SKU: FA330
  • Store at room temperature (no need to keep it in the refrigerator). Keep away from direct sources of light and heat.

    Minimum retention period 36 months (shown on the label).


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